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Generator Installation for Homes

Electricity is arguably the most valuable resource we have in our modern society. Without electricity, most of the things we do and rely on a daily basis wouldn’t be there.  So while electricity is so ingrained into our lives that we can take it for granted and hardly notice it’s there, if there’s an electrical problem, it can be difficult to notice anything else.

Our electrical contractor know what a hassle any electrical problems can be, which is why we’ll always respond to any requests for service as quickly as possible.  And because all of our technicians are licensed, background checked and professionally trained.  You’re guaranteed to receive the best quality service and workmanship available.

At Ethical Electrical, we know how important electricity is to your home.  So whether you need a complete rewiring of your home, a route safety inspection, or just have a flickering bulb on the back porch, we’ll be ready to give you fast, professional service and take care of the problem.  We know how important they are, so we’ll never take any electrical repairs lightly.

There are many reasons why you should install a backup generator in your home.  We have listed just a few reasons to consider. 

Power Outages: If you live in an areas that is sensitive to power outages.  You will need a backup generator.  This will help you to keep your essential appliances alive and running.  Appliances such as the refrigerator freezer, and lights. Now if you have a medical condition that requires power, then you need a backup generator. 

Natural Disasters: If you live in an area that gets hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Then you need a back up generator to keep your home appliances and equipment running. A backup generator will keep you more comfortable until the power is restored again.

Convenience: Sometimes the electric company has planned outages. On those days your backup generator can power your house until the power gets turned on again.


 A power outage can happen any time of the day or night.  Having a back up generator will help you keep your lights on your devices running and your food cold.  And you will stay safe and warm in your house.

Picking the Right Size of a Generator: 

The size is of your generator depends on the number of appliances you need to power.  The size of your home. How many people live in the home.  Consider your square footage of your home.

If you have any questions about what type of Generator to buy give Ethical Electrical a call and let talk about your personal needs and how we can install you need Generator. Generally we can install it in one day. If you need it picked up and delivered, we can do that too.  Call Ethical Electrical at  909-581-5800